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K2 Tech India is growing and moving forward to ensure high quality products with continuous research & development to achieve excellence in quality, reliability, safety, and operational efficiency.


K2 Tech India is actively carrying out research and development work on engineering products to manufacture for the first time in India, the – Ceramic Ball Bearings, thrust bearings, and Hybrid Ball Bearings.

Metallurgical innovations lead to the fact that Bearings made out of Ceramic material like Zirconia and Silicon Nitride can be tougher, rust-proof, self-lubricating, and maintenance-free products.

K2 Tech India’s aim is to develop innovative products, export-oriented products and be an import substitute, and above all generate jobs for people. K2 Tech India is a growing company with a highly motivated and dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and other professionals. The company is having plans to move forward with its set business goals and has a clear vision to achieve excellence in operations, quality, reliability, safety, and efficiency for all these ceramic-based engineering products and be pioneers in importing substitutes to  Ceramic bearings. 


Effervescent Tablet contains minerals in quantity sufficient to meet the daily mineral requirement of the body. It will benefit the body by providing the necessary minerals so that the body can easily combat day-to-day activities and perform efficiently and is fit enough to ward off infections and stay healthy.

A well-balanced daily diet will provide us with all these essential nutrients. But today’s modernized lifestyle, poor eating habits, stressful life, and many other such factors have led to reduced or insufficient uptake of nutrients. That’s where our effervescent tablet will help you retore all those minerals which are essential for every individual in their day-to-day life. 

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All K2 Tech India products have received FSSAI approval and are not meant to be used in the treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of any disease. Before using or purchasing a product, please carefully go through the packaging. Individual differences will affect how the goods perform. The content on K2 Tech India is offered solely for informative purposes and is not intended to be a replacement for advice from your doctor or other healthcare professionals. Additionally, please note that the product packaging won't be the same as shown in the pictures; it may vary.

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